Researching the Genetic Basis of Cancer

The latest epidemiological (surveillance) data shows that cancer death rates are slowly falling in the United States. This good news stems partly from the participation of patients and their families in research studies and also from increased awareness of risk factors for cancer.  Cancer research studies are designed to show how a particular anticancer strategy, for example a new drug, diagnostic test, or possible way to prevent cancer, affects the people who receive it. Since its inception, the Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics and the Cancer Risk Clinic at the University of Chicago have been integrating cancer risk assessment with the latest advances in cancer detection and surveillance.  This multidisciplinary program in cancer genetics and counseling translates the recent advances in laboratory research into the clinical arena.

Our scientists, as well as others at the University of Chicago Medicine have been at the forefront of researching and understanding the genetic basis of cancer for more than 40 years. Click here for some of our research highlights.