The center has initiated a training program designed to educate physicians, nurses, genetic counselors, and other health care providers and researchers on basic concepts of cancer genetics and on the processes involved in genetic counseling and testing for common cancers such as colon, breast, and ovarian cancer. 

In addition, genetic counseling students from Northwestern’s Genetic Counseling Training Program rotate through the center on a regular basis.  These students gain a better understanding of the psychosocial, legal, and ethical issues of cancer genetics and learn about liability and privacy considerations in relation to genetic testing for cancer and research. The purpose of the genetic counseling internship is to acclimate the intern to the diverse demands of a practicing cancer genetic counselor.  Overall, the intention is to provide the intern a complete genetic counseling experience, such that s/he will be prepared for the challenges of his/her first position after graduate school. After the initial orientation period, interns gradually take more active roles in clinic coordination, preparation, follow-up, and medical documentation. They also participate in patient evaluations and provide genetic counseling to families seen in our clinic consultations under the supervision of clinic professionals.   Additionally, during the center's weekly pedigree review meetings, the intern may be asked to discuss patients that s/he worked with during clinic or a consultation in order to gain experience presenting cases to fellow counselors and physicians.

We welcome and encourage undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and physicians from the United States and abroad to come train with our clinicians and researchers at the University of Chicago.