Molecular Analysis of Malignant Tissues

Principal Investigator: Olufunmilayo Olopade, M.D.

Molecular Analysis of Malignant Tissues (protocol 10760B) is a study which aims to collect and store normal and cancerous tissue from patients with cancer or genetic diseases and their family members in addition to blood from unaffected individuals (people who have never had cancer) to save as population controls for future studies. This project is aimed at determining the role of certain genetic changes in the development  or progression of cancer. These samples are analyzed in our research laboratory to identify biological factors that may affect the development of malignant diseases. These factors may be identified through analysis of DNA (the molecules of which the material that is passed from parents  to children that determine the make-up of the body are made), or protein samples (extracted from blood or tumor). This study also helps create a database for collected tissue for use in future studies by the investigators involved in this study as well as other investigators both inside and outside of the University of  Chicago.  This study began in 2001, and about 2000 people may take part in this study at the University of Chicago and at other collaborating institutions in the US and in other parts  of the  world.