Toshio Yoshimatsu

Bioinformatics Analyst

Toshio earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences, with a minor in Computer Science, from the University of Chicago in 2005.  Since the summer of 2004, he has participated in numerous research activities, ranging in focus from evolutionary genomics to human population genetics and radiology. Toshio has contributed to numerous projects including a study on the retrotransposing elements within and between chromosomes in the evolution of Drosophila genomes, development of tools using artificial intelligence as a mediator of benign mammographic images, modulating computational tools to aid observer study of mammograms, and effects of SNPs in control of gene expression in human. Toshio has worked in Dr. Olopade’s lab since 2007 and has worked on identifying rare (and often unidentified) deleterious mutations in BRCA1/2 genes, as well as characterizing the function of the predicted protein. He has also worked to identify micro RNAs that may play a role in suppressing or causing the formation of breast cancer.